This phrase, ‘you don enter one on chance’ became prevalent in the county’s lingua some few years back. There was a time when some criminal elements took advantage of unwary road travelers by calling out to them claiming there is just one more seat to be occupied in the bus for onward movement to […]


Family Rhema

SUNDAY WORSHIP SERVICE le 22 FEVRIER, DEUX MILLE CINQ pst. Kumuyi A GODLY MARRIAGE AND A HEAVENLY MINDED FAMILY LIFE EPH 5v 12-33, gen 1v26, 2v22-24, malachi 2v14-16, MATTHEW 19V3 -God knew absolutely wat he was doing wen he made Eve difft from Adam – marriage should be regarded as sacred and a covenant btw […]

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Valentine Recipe

Today is all about Friendship, Love and Marriage so here are a few things about them. FRIENDSHIP A man that hath friends must show himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticks closer than a brother -The Bible Don’t make friends who are comfortable to be with. Make friends that will force you to […]

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Ladies, not every guy is a member of the lucky sperm club. Not every poor guy today is worth investing in. Some are simply hopeless and will never hit it big. Some are purely millionaires in the making. But to spare you from waking up one morning realizing you’ve invested your time, effort and youth for […]


Give Thanks

There is no doubt that when you walk around a nearby hospital, pass by a morgue or just listening to the news will give you reasons to say ‘thank you Lord’.  How about just thanking God for waking up this morning? Thanking him for having clean clothes to wear? Having something in the kitchen to […]

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Seun 4 Buhari

We have been told numerous versions on the story of the setbacks leading up to the capture of the US presidential office by President Abraham Lincoln (PAL) still recognized as the most successful US president. According to Ron Kurtus, a historian, PAL contested for senate in 1854 but lost. In 1856, he also missed the […]

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Habba Harmattan

For some days now I have been blaming the weather for my congested nose and extra effort to breathe. Now I can’t sleep or wake up without consciously keeping warm. I am talking about drinking hot tea in the morning alongside ordinary water and ensuring I sleep with as many heavy clothing and a blanket over my head. I even made as part of my new year resolution never to take chilled drinks! haha! The koko is that this years harmattan is extreme mehn. The common thing now is to see peeps with jackets, cardigan, head warmer, mufflers and hose. Then ladies will be justified to wear leggings now.

I read somewhere that its important not to allow exposure to the weather so it is for your good to always dress warm. Also fruits like oranges, carrot, pineapple should be taken everyday if possible. We should ensure to drink water once you feel thirsty to naturally clear the nasal blablabla. I pity for those that soo annoyingly say they don’t like fish, you need it for now oo. Then ladies and mommies please cook ewedu, efor and all the vegetable soups you know for the whole house oo, Ejoor oo. Garlic should be an added spice in stew. For the men that do their thing at the booka, ask for any available vegetable soup oo. We can also give ourselves a spoil treat by relaxing with any yoghurt or orange juice of your choice. Consuming all these will make our body stand kakaraka against all the catarrh, cough, cold and watery eyes that come with the weather.

Well, if harmattan can come and go and you no shake body, then nothing do you when you enter snow for yankee! Hahaha!IMG_20150114_092002

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